May 24, 2010 privacy violations. is running TV advertisments and getting a lot of traffic so I checked them out and was shocked to see that when you go to the site and enter your name approx age and zip that the system will come back to you and display your XXX (private info)

Check it out yourself and once your upset help by complaining abbout this huge privacy violation. They are helping create identity fraud.

File a complaint here

And you may also want to go to and report this so they can start tracking this company.

It is likely that they will not have this information for all states. If they do display private info on you please let us know.

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Also see

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Better Business Bureau
This company practices what the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau calls negative option cancellation. In this sales strategy, customers agree to pay for services unless they cancel within a specified period of time. Members are required to cancel prior to the initial anniversary date to avoid continuing annual charges to their credit cards.[6]

Complaints from customers not resolved in a satisfactory manner caused the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau to rate 'F'.[7]

The BBB was concerned that the company used misleading advertising practices by e-mailing customers advising them that people 'may' be searching for them, and offers them to become paid members to find the identity of any people that may search for them in the future. In its FAQ section, the site describes this feature as follows: "'Who's Searching For You' will reveal the listed names of the specific users who have performed a search using your first and last (current or Maiden) names and your age range within 5 years of your listed date of birth and is still saved in their Search History'.[8]