Oct 12, 2006

dedicatedcentral.com abuse

mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie 6.0; windows nt 5.1) ip-d88be046.dedicatedcentral.com

The above bot fell right into the bot trap. And then tried to scan the other sites.

On the 15th falure it tried to submit a order for a giveaway I am running.
How strange its must be a spider with a human monitoring it.

Actual name and address removed but the address was in boston.

dedicatedcentral.com has no A record or website. So what is it?
| Domain Name: dedicatedcentral.com
| Created on .............Tue Jul 22 14:27:43 2003
| Expires on .............Fri Jul 22 14:27:43 2011
| Record last updated on .Tue Sep 26 17:15:13 2006
| Status .................LOCK
| Administrative Contact:
| DomainPeople, Inc.
| Dom Reg
| 200-550 Burrard Street
| Vancouver, BC
| V6C2B5, CA
| (604)6391680
| ()
| hostway-cdm@domainpeople.com
| Technical Contact:
| DomainPeople, Inc.
| Dom Reg
| 200-550 Burrard Street
| Vancouver, BC
| V6C2B5, CA
| (604)6391680
| ()
| hostway-cdm@domainpeople.com
| Domain servers in listed order:
| a.ns.dedicatedcentral.com
| b.ns.dedicatedcentral.com
| (dedicatedcentral.com)

The IP is from Texas.

OrgName: SouthWeb Ventures
Address: 501 Waller St
City: Austin
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 78702
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-216-139-208-0-1
Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
RegDate: 2000-06-28
Updated: 2005-10-25

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE548-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse
OrgAbusePhone: +1-512-469-9939
OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@southwebventures.com

OrgTechHandle: NOC1501-ARIN
OrgTechName: NOC
OrgTechPhone: +1-512-469-9939
OrgTechEmail: noc@southwebventures.com

The southwebventures.com website is blank.

Because of all the above and no clear ideal why this is (is it a isp it cant be with no website) the domain will be added as an abussive bot.

dedicatedcentral.com,Unknown abusive bots


Anonymous said...

I believe I tracked down the information. It appears to be brand of http://www.serviceoverinternet.com/contactus/ check www.hostway.com's legal link. It'll explain what's most likely going on when you combine what you found occuring and their business model.

tm said...

Sorry I dont really see any info on those links that explains the spidering and atempted submission into my contact and order forms.

Just looks like a hosting company.

They are still banned.

MSG Quixo said...

This is a funny one. I got a contact form submission from them and did some Googling to find that they must get around.

My contact form sent me a submission listing Larry Cooper (who now appears on directories all over the internet) with an email address of @hgc-corp.com -- email address varies by submission. The postal address too is all over the internet in random web directories. 198 Tremont Street, 506, Boston MA.

I don't know if that gives you any clues, but it is interesting!

enlightenment said...

I got email spam in my gmail in box which Spamcop suggested complaining which is mail011.myyearbook.com

"SouthWeb Ventures" appears on the whois record

The email claimed that Barny at myyearbook.com was my friend! I know him not.