Feb 4, 2007

Hackers module update

Everyone needs to update the hackers module.
Until you can you need to set.
$testmode = TRUE;

Download the bug fix now from the upgrades link.


Anonymous said...

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...


Bad Behavior has a newer version that works better with PHP 5.2 and your current version is 2.07 and thier version is 2.10 .. I did update to the current version of Bad Behavior
and over written the 3 files do you think it will still work or does your version only work with 2.07

tm said...
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tm said...

Thats not correct my current running version on my website is v2.0.10 and its not included in the script you are to always download and install the latest version.
As long as all the new versions work with the loader and ban modules it will keep working. Now tested up to the current versions.