Mar 27, 2008

Installing autoban script in PHPNUKE

>> >> From :
> > in the phpnuke setup, it mentions adding something above $modfiles in the >>modules.php file, I can\'t see that in mine, any ideas on where to put this extra >>piece of code to stop the union injections?

Since your email address is no good I will answer you here.

Be sure you have v3.8 and the latest BB
After you have installed the script and have it running.
Click on setup.
Click on phpnuke setup. This generates the strings to insert..

Insert the green line listed on that page into your script to activate protection.
The red lines use the built in phpnuke detection to ban any hacker it finds.

The union injection hacks can be added but are no longer needed because the script now does that inside the hacker scan module and you can add any hacks you find to that scan.

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