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My mission is helping companies mine the online world. I seek innovators like you, who provide insights into unmet needs, trends, and market activity. Using Accelovation Market Discovery™ software (MDS), I help automate market research, allowing companies to more effectively and economically identify and take advantage of new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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Case Studies
Major consumer packaged goods companies use Accelovation to identify new innovations that will become their next billion dollar businesses.
Multiple Fortune 500 chemical companies use Accelovation to discover new markets for existing capabilities, while keeping tabs on the competition.
A Fortune 100 telecommunications company identifies patent infringers to win multi-million dollar awards via automated Accelovation searches.

Really? Stealing my content so some big company can make money off of it is theft.
Helping big companies find ideals that they can take from us and patent is theft.
And worse yet once they take your ideals and patent them they come back and sue you for patent theft.


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chris said...

Here's a bash shell command to disable all of the ips that uses via iptables:

for i in `seq 1 255`;do sudo iptables -I INPUT -s 72.20.99.$i -j DROP; done