Nov 21, 2006

sumitbot_hansrajbot RufusBot Submit Bot spammer

sumitbot_hansrajbot (sumitbot_hansrajbot;

IP has been flagged as a spammer. Also see SPAMBAG on

Why are we crawling?
We crawl the web towards the goal of developing a new kind of index/search tool that will bring substantial and previously unavailable exposure to websites. We're in "stealth mode" for the next few months for business reasons, but watch this page for more details on our product.

Yea same old story. But if its true why don't you have a real domain name and why are you running on a ip flagged as a source of spam. Get a real hosting account with a real domain and someone might believe you.

We identify ourselves with the name RufusBot in our crawls

The code below can be used to disallow access to all parts of your site just for our bot.
User-Agent: RufusBot
Disallow: /

Sorry that statment is false. It identifies itself as The Submit Bot in crawls. Submitting what? Spam?

Its not clear what is. Is it a ISP or hosting company.

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