Feb 29, 2008

new bot trap listings

Why are all of these ips falling into bot traps?
Looks like a bot net thats trying to spider web sites.,2008-02-24,basetower.com,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-28,hestia.produhost.net,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-28,riad.pk.edu.pl,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-28,son.s-online.at,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-28,i-dreams.net,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-28,-,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-28,sd-301.dedibox.fr,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-29,dman.com,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-29,infurma.es,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-29,kkadam.xs4all.nl,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap,2008-02-29,-,AB,BAN,Fell in bot trap

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