Jun 24, 2009

IE 8 breaks subdomains making them hard to read using domain highlighting

Domain Highlighting in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) now blanks the subdomain and following text after the domain.

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This is nuts it makes this site read blogger.com and you can not see the subdomain who's lamo ideal is this. Its one thing to make the main domain a diff color its another to hide the entire URL.

Someone has to find a way around this must be some way you can higlight the URL bar using java so the subdomain will be visable. Or someway to force IE8 into ie7 mode. We own our subdomains and M$ has no right to blank them out. They are part of our domain names and part of our keywork usage.

This has to be fixed.

Microsoft is taking away our legal use of subdomains.
Websites who use subdomains are not crooks we are legaly using 1 domain to create many websites. Just because some crook used a subdomain they should not be hidden.

Zdnet says IE8 puts dim wits ahead of tech savvy.

aidanwalsh.net says
why do you have to obfuscate the rest of the URL information by default? No part of a URL is irrelevant, and information contained in URLs is becoming more and more relevant as time goes on (logically structured URLs, URL based identity management, etc). Why do I need to hold my mouse over the address bar to be able to see this? Surely there are better ways to emphasise the domain block of the URL? Embolden it. Change the colour of the domain, not the rest of the URL.

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Anonymous said...

It's mostly good so people find out if they are being phished, phishers mostly use subdomains with the bank name, but the domain has nothing to do with it.

tmaster said...

Why should legal subdomain users have our domains made hard to read just because some phishers are using subdomains.

Sorry I do not understand your other comment.

Subdomains are part of the DNS domain name system I never said the main domain was being hidden only the subdomain and the directory.

But the secod bad part is that even people who are not using subdomains are being harmed because the directories are being made hard to read.

If this is not fixed we users of subdomains will have to take action. Its not yet clear what we should do but MS has no right to hide our legal subdomains.