Jun 30, 2009

wrangler.websitewelcome.com bot

Agent: -NO AGENT- wrangler.websitewelcome.com

Just what is this bot. It doesnt have a useragent and the website websitewelcome.com has no info on it just a email contact address.

websitewelcome.com added to the block list


Michael Clark said...

I don't know what it is ether, but if my web site doesn't get a user-agent, the agent's request is blocked. One of their bots has hit my sites 16 times in the past two weeks.

George said...

websitewelcome.com is used by Hostgator, handles email as far as I know. You should write to Hostgator Tech support (support@hostgator.com) and make them aware of details. They are currently beefing up security and will appreciate your info.