May 15, 2008 open proxy service


See orginal post here This site
is a proxy for moble content. Will allow users that you have banned to bypass your ban and use this site as a proxy.

bad behavior blocks no longer blockes this site. And its domain has changed.
Also no longer inserts adverts around your content but strips out your adverts.

Old ones
New ones so far

Likely more.

Add the domain name to the domain ban file of MMAUTOBAN,proxy,proxy

And add the ip block to your htaccess file.
deny from


Kevin Perkins, CEO Skweezer said...

We're simply a mobilizing service, not a "content scraping proxy". We certainly don't place ads around anyone's content either. Please check for yourself and update your post, please.

In fact, we have a new Skweezer Ads program that helps publishers become mobile while providing a contextual feed for both desktop and mobile. Contact us if interested.

tmaster said...

Just tested your site again. It is a open web Proxy that allows anyone to bypass ip server blocks and access websites using your IP address.

Thats called a proxy and we have a right ban such abuse.

Post updated...

Kevin Perkins, CEO Skweezer said...

Naturally, as a "proxy" it's going to do that. However, it's intention is for mobilizing websites, not defeating publisher's in their efforts to create content.

tmaster said...

Its clear that you don't understand the problem at all.

You are allowing people that we have blocked to bypass our blocks.

You claim you are doing this for moble users but you make no atempt to verify that the user is in fact a moble user.

And you do not use the proxy flag in the headers you send so you are trying to hide the fact that you are a proxy.

proxy said...

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