May 26, 2008

Mozilla/5.0 (MrCarlito-0.1

403 Required header 'Accept' missing
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (MrCarlito-0.1

MrCarlito-0.1 is an experimental spider that collects header & link information from web pages. The spider is written in PERL (Practical Extraction and Report Language), and uses the LWP::UserAgent Class. Currently this spider does not delve into websites, it simply obtains the headers & hostnames contained in your web page index.

Humm you had better fix this broken bot if you plan on using it for a real website.
Your blocked because you were detected loading webpages not headers.


carlito said...

How can I contact you? - I want to talk about the problems you found. As far as I can see everything my spider page talks about was done on your url.

#1 - loaded headers
#2 - loaded index.php - or died trying.

tmaster said...

This bot is automaticaly blocked by all blogs using BB.

The bot serves no purpose that I can see and is not welcome.

carlito said...

Got it. Havent run it in over 2 years anyway.