May 11, 2008

New abusers list

Just found another website keeping track of hacker scans.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting a link to my website ( Unfortunately the page is outdated.

The lists ( HTTP abuser list AND HTTP injection list) has been converted into a DNSBL which is now known as

For more information take a look at
Additionaly you can finde a statistical breakdown about the blacklist on

tmaster said...

Well a DNS lookup would work with Bad Behavior DNS lookup but most of us have no way to use a DNS lookup server to protect our websites.

Really a move backwards.

Anonymous said...

I agree with tmaster.
But the problem is (was) that the list is getting to big. If you have 3'000 Blocked ips in your .htaccess file the webserver will lose a lot of perfomance. Another point is that the list doesn't get smaller, it becomes bigger and bigger...

If the need is here, I would serve you the lists as .htaccess file again (With thought in mind that your webserver will lose performance).

For those of you which are running WordPress there is a httpBL check Plugin for WP. You can find it on

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me. (you will find my email address on