Sep 20, 2006 abuse

mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie 6.0; windows nt 5.0)
83 hits From

The above is one of the suspected useragents that always turnes out to be a robot and not a browser. A search of google shows a lot of abuse from this domain so its banned.

domain ban list,pro spam host


Anonymous said...

They're busy again, now on VIOP ports. Does anybody really know who they are ?

Anonymous said...

You're right, since the beginning of this year with me. Upto 4 servers on port 5060 (voip) at the time, continuously once per minute (each server). Who knows who they are ??

Anonymous said...

i have received a host noc visitor its ip was they keep visiting my site its annoying

Anonymous said...

Yes I also having trouble with a visitor with the ip I got this doing an IP trace
Retrieving DNS records for
Attempt to get a DNS server for failed: does not exist in the DNS

Whois query for

Further investigations reveal that Hostnoc=burstnet's nameservers are the nameservers for use by the reseller hosts of burstNET who aren't running their own nameservers, or who are reselling shared hosting space.

Anonymous said...

IP just crashed our site... I emailed the Admin of this horrific place through the ContactPrivacy at

Has anybody ever had a response from these thugs?

I don't have the ability to block anyone on our site as of today. Any options for me to not let them back in again?

Thanks in advance for your help!