Sep 6, 2006 Java/1.5.0



Valueclick and are the same company. It is unclear why they are using this useragent. This useragent is blocked as a known spam tool they should not be using it.

This has been reported to valueclick and

after 1 month CJ sent this reply to the problem of a broken useragent string.

For further details, regarding our Network Insight Spider, please access the following URL:

Well....... Hummm what am I to say to that answer?

And people wonder why customer service people have a bad rep.

What to do.
This looks like a legit bot that needs to be let in, however cj would not reply if it was the real cj bot or not.
The ip needs to be added to the whitelist in BB and M&M Autoban however I have not seen it this month so it may be fixed. Will have to wait and see.

But anyway no point in writing to them again all they game me after 1 month was the URL thats in the normal useragent string.

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