Sep 29, 2006 kostanay spam

ThePlanet is offering internet access to businesses so we have to be carefull about banning that domain.

Verified robots list that need to be banned

Update I am fed up with this bot its trying to place orders on my store using only a name and city. And is copying all the keys off the pages.
name : alex
city : kostanay

So everything from is now banned.

mozilla/4.0 (compatible; msie 6.0; windows nt 5.1)


JollyRoger said...

It's trying to do a RSS pull of my entire site. I just stopped it.

Don said...

somehow this got into my server and piggybacked on an update.php file to update a database table. Luckily it was denied, but now I am baffled and worried as to what to do, as my update no longer works.

Steve said...

Just banned it from one of my sites too. Been on there for about 6 hours 42 minutes raping my bandwidth. Much more of that and my hosting account would be limited before the end of the month.

For information, I just added "deny from" to a .htaccess file in my sites root and off it popped.

Anonymous said...

I've been having a problem with this "" thing too. I've been getting a "Bad Request error" on a forum that I'm a member of in some areas of the site.

This is mostly what shows up...
Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Port 80

This is driving me nuts!

Anonymous said...

This robot/guy runs attempts on common names in /etc/passwd for about 20 minutes on a group of servers, at around 1am. I guess he hopes to go unnoticed. He had no success, but I blocked him anyway, obviously. All you guys should be sending emails to Maybe we can at least make him relocate his op. emailing the Internet Crime Complaint Center couldn't hurt either. Maybe he was blocked by most of us, but he's bound to hurt someone. Anything we can do to slow him down would be worth it.


Anonymous said...

This site is up to no good. It appears to be taking sites that have good content and taking their traffic. It requires investigation by the FBI Cyber Crime Team. It may also have a link to Akamai... and the trail goes on... I was hacked by Akamai in Italy recently. Have the screen shot of Norton to prove it.

Also Check (Microsoft) - they don't appear to be sending any traffic to site images and pages they host. This is copyright theft. If they do send traffic its to the sites THEY want to promote!

Clean Up The Internet Before It falls Apart!

peanutbrittle said...

The site from IP "" has been repeatedly port scanning my WAN interfaces for days and is causing trouble. I do get port scans from time to time but this one is a frequent flyer. I was careful not to block the entire "" and be very specific but if they have other customers abusing the provider, then I will block them altogether.

Anonymous said...

Today I got a SPAM from the IP was, I guess they have moved to a new block.

Anonymous said...
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